Terms and conditions for competitions


This Facebook competitions is made and driven by following:
An ounce, Valdemarsgade 36, 1665 Copenhagen V, Denmark

This competition is not made or driven by Facebook Inc.
The information given is solely for the purpose of this competition and will not be disclosed to any third party. As a participant in this competition via Facebook you will only receive messages that deals with the competition.

Only users who have a facebook profile over the age of 13 are able to participate in the competition. The creation of a facebook profile is free, and users can unregister of Facebook from time to time. Participants who try to manipulate the competition are excluded from the competition.

We reserve the absolute right to exclude people if there is suspicion of cheating!

Questions about the competition should be to hold an ounce.
Please contact Katrine Olesen at: Katrine@anouncecph.com or in a private message to an ounce on Facebook.