Printed silk pants

An ounce

799.00 DKK

Printed pants in a soft silk crepe de chine. Elastic in waist line and pockets in side seam. Free delivery on this item in Denmark. 

Product information:

  • Regular length
  • Loose fit
  • Dark blue color with white dots 
  • Elastic at waist line
  • Pockets in side seam


Quality: 100% silk


Washing instructions: Hand wash only.
Fill a basin with lukewarm water and the recommended dose of a mild detergent. Soak the item for no longer than five minutes. Then empty the basin and refill with cool water and rinse.
Drain the water and give your item a final rinse with fresh water.
When you’re done, remove the item from the basin and lay it down flat on a clean towel. Roll the silk in the towel and gently press to enable the towel to absorb excess water. Do not twist or wring silk as this can distort the shape of the item.
Either lay the item out on a fresh towel to dry, or hang it up and allow to air dry. Do not tumble dry and make sure you keep the item out of direct sunlight.

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